How is Canadian forestry changing?

Forestry and “the lumberjack” have long been part of the national psyche of Canada, but the face of Canada’s lumberjacks is cahnging, with interesting effects:


Canada creates a huge new national park, but is it the best way to protect wilderness areas?

The new park is called Naats’ihch’oh National Park Reserve and covers 7,600 square kilometres. YOu can find out more about it here:’ihch’oh_National_Park_Reserve

It is hoped that this area, which is still home to many aboriginal comunities, is becoming increasingly industrialised and it is hoped that the protected designation will prevent the area from neing damaged.

and here:

Some people argue that designating areas as national parks leads to stagnation of the local economy and can even be environmentally damaging, as more people are attracted to an area that they didn’t previously know about. Designating a national park is just the first step on the road to protecting and conserving an area.