Will China’s mining industry clean up it’s act?

China’s mining industry has played a major role in the rapid economic growth of the country in recent years. However the incidnece of work related deaths in Chinese mines is very high, as shown by the typical incidents below, is it time the Chinese mining companies put as much value on thelives of their workers as they do on the resources they extract?




How has industry in South Wales changed?

This link will take you to a great clip which explains the underlying reasons for industrial growth and change in South Wales:



Industrial Rebirth in South Wales: what has worked well and what has failed?

South Wales has been regerated in recent decades, but not all schemes are successful:


Toyota in the UK: Why Burnaston?

This is Toyota’s UK website, which explains some of the reasons why they chose to locate their factory in Derbyshre:


Another 1000 jobs were created in 2003:


In March 2010, in the wake of financial pressures towards the end of the first decade of the 21st century, Toyota announced that 750 jobs would be cut at Burnaston:


Cambridge Science Park: what is the UK’s first science park like?

This link takes you to the website of Cambridge Science Park:


What is life like in a Brazilian gold mine?

This link will take you to a series of pictures that show the day to day trials faced by artisinal miners in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil – how different is it from your life?