What is the karst scenery of Guilin like?

Guilin in China is famous for its large scale karst landscape. Karst landscapes are found all over the world and are the result of weathering processes in limestone areas, from the Limestone Pavement in Yorkshire, UK, to the collosal peaks of Guilin. This website is a geological travel guide to the area:



What types of sedimentary rock are there?

This animated guide gives a basic outline to the types of sedimentary rock you might find:


How did Cheddar Gorge form?

This website explains a bit more about the formation of Cheddar Gorge:


This is the website for Cheddar Village, next to the gorge. Many of the people there rely on tourism to make a living:


What do the types of weathering look like animated?

This website contains animations showing some of the ways that rocks are weathered.