Will China’s mining industry clean up it’s act?

China’s mining industry has played a major role in the rapid economic growth of the country in recent years. However the incidnece of work related deaths in Chinese mines is very high, as shown by the typical incidents below, is it time the Chinese mining companies put as much value on thelives of their workers as they do on the resources they extract?




How do wind turbines work?

Some people believe that wind turbines hold the answer to our need for “clean” energy. This is how they work:


Can the precious desert woodlands of Peru be preserved?

A plan to replant fragile woodlands in Peru is underway (2009). The plan is to rejuvenate areas of desert forest which have been decimated by human use for things such as firewood.


Is Dubai an “impossible place”?

Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has seen a massive boom in construction and investment since the 1990s. Many major projects have been built here, creating impressive landmarks, but there are some questions over whether Dubai is viable in the long term, as  there is limited oil money and much of the rest of the growth is funded by debt…..

The world’s tallest building is under construction in Dubai:


Update from 2007:


Update from 2009:


In June 2008 there were plans for a rotating skyscraper:


In November 2009, markets were rocked when Dubai revealed that it may not be able to service its debt:


What is Palm Oil and how is it threatening the rainforests of southeast Asia?

Palm oil appears in many everyday products. It is a relatively cheap substitute for other ingredients, but carries and environmental cost. Many areas of rainforest have been replaced with monocultures of oil palms, which have a devastating effect on biodiversity, as this clip shows:


Why does Bolivia hold the key to the future of electric cars?

Electric cars and other battery powered technology, such as laptops, rely on lithium. More than half the World’s reserves are in Bolivia, so how will that affect the country’s future?


What problems are associated with Nigeria’s oil industry?

Nigeria has one of the World’s fastest growing populations. Much of its economic growth is based on its vast oil reserves. However, not all of the people are benefitting: