Could sewage bring a sticky end to Dubai’s miracle expansion?

The city state of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, has experienced incredibly rapid growth in past decades. The infrastructure of Dubai, including the sewage system must also be improved to cope with the increased demand on these services, but will it happen in time?


What will the future of housing in the UK be?

What are the different ways of life that people live in the UK and how will they change in the future? The answer is partly controlled by the way that housing issues are being tackled today:

Can Eco Towns deliver a sustainable future?

The concept of Eco Towns is relatively new. Find out all about them and some proposed problems they may have associated with them here:

Why is urban farming taking off?

From a few pots of herbs on a windowsill to much more substantial plots, more and more people in urban areas are growing their own food. This is partly due to the rising cost of food, but often people start for one reason and continue because they enjoy it!

What is the future for the slums of Mumbai?

There are plans to improve the slums of Mumbai in India, but how will they affect the thriving small scale recycling plants that operate there?

Vigilantes in Brazil’s shanty towns: are they a help or a hindrance?

Former policemen are setting themselves up as militiamen in Rio’s favelas to protect the people, but at what cost?

Are we an urban species?

As more and more people live in towns and cities, what impact does this have on societies and the places where those cities grow?

Many geographers calcualte than over half the world’s population will live in urban areas by the end of 2008: