Can road building help India’s economy develop?

As anyone who has travelled on them can attest, travelling on India’s roads can be an interesting experience. India is beginning to emerge as a powerful economy, but for a long time, poor infrastructure has held back progress. At the beginning of 2010, the Indian government announced the expansion of investment in infrastructure, to $1 trillion.

This includes an ambitious road building plan:


Who uses nuclear energy?

Many think that nuclear power holds the answer to our future energy needs, with limited impact in terms of climate change. Many countries in the EU are already using nuclear power, you can find out who, here:

This link shows how the use of nuclear energy has grown and changed around the world.

What is the future for tourism in Antarctica?

Following some well publicised problems associated with tourism in Antarctica, in April 2009, the signatories to the Antarctic Treaty are proposing to limit tourist numbers:

Could broadband bring prosperity to Africa’s poorest?

In April 2009, a new broadband connection was opened up to East Africa, improving connections for fledgling businesses in countries such as Kenya. The hope is that it will help tham compete on a more level playing field with othe rbusinesses elsewhere in the world:

How will climate change affect fish stocks?

It’s thought that predicted changes in climate will have a fundamental affect on the size, type and distribution of global fish stocks, a vital source of protein in many parts of the world

Will “The Box” tell us more about the nature of Globalisation and trade today?

The BBC is following a shipping container around the world. It’s been sprayed with the BBC’s colours and will be tracked as it makes its way from port to port. Shipping containers revolutionised the way that goods are transported around the world and the nature of the ships and docks which handled them, including their surrounding communities. You can track the BBC Box here:

You can read about the history of the humble shipping container here:

Heathrow Expansion: what are the pros and cons?

This story outlines the proposed expansion to Heathrow Airport, involving a third runway and sixth terminal. It arouses passion on both sides of the debate: