When will Brazil be a superpower?

Brazil is a huge country, with vast reserves of natural resources. It is poised to take a more important role on the world stage, including hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. This article points out how Brazil’s politicians are aiming to give Brazil an even more vital role in global affairs:



Will Brazil’s new found oil wealth benefit the many or just a few?

Brazil is an emerging power, rich in hatural resources. Some analysts estimate that it has as much as 33 billion barrels of oil in reservoirs underground and offshore. But in a country where there are many in need, where will the money go?


President Lula of Brazil has stated that oil revenues will be invested in technology and education to help tackle poverty in the country:


Will Brazil’s Amazon fund help preserve the rainforest?

The Brazilian government has launched a fund, aiming to raise billions, to help safeguard the Amazon Rainforest. The aim is to preserve the rainforest by providing the people who live their with alternative ways of making a living, which do not involve widespread forest clearance:


Norway has donated 1 Billion dollars:


In November 2008, satellite data showed that deforestation had actually increased:


Can the army help control Dengue Fever in Rio?

An outbreak of Dengue Fever has killed many people in Rio. Now the army has been drafted in to help control the disease:


Vigilantes in Brazil’s shanty towns: are they a help or a hindrance?

Former policemen are setting themselves up as militiamen in Rio’s favelas to protect the people, but at what cost?


How does Brazil’s war on drugs affect ordinary people?

The Favelas (shanty towns) of Brazil can be dangerous places:


How is Brazil changing?

As Brazil develops, a “middle class” is emerging. How will this alter the country?


Many people in Brazil feel left out by the pace of development. Landless people have demonstrated by blocking a railway line used by a company that they feel has treated them badly:


There has been some history of corruption amongst officials in Brazil, but now the government seems to be taking more action to stop it:


New oil finds mean that Brazil’s emerging economic strength may be further enhanced: