What would you do if you were caught in a landslide?

It’s difficult to catch a landslide on camera, but that’s exactly what happened in Italy in February 2010. Any slope is unstable if the conditions in which it is in equilibrium change. These changes can be climatic  as is thought to be the case with the example below, or even man made:



Coca-Cola in Venice – How does the spread of big brands indicate globalisation?

Many iconic places try to reject big global brands, as a way of preserving their status and heritage. The introduction of 60 Coca-Cola vending machines to Venice has caused an inevitable row, but is the spread of global brands inevitable?


How is Mount Etna Changing?

Mount Etna is a well known volcano, but how well do we really know it?


Will selling homes for 1 Euro help to regenerate Sicily?

The mayor of one depopulating town in Sicily is offering houses for 1 Euro to try to stop them from crumbling. Whilst he may protect the town in the short term, what might the long term issues be?


What happened at the Vaiont Dam, Italy?

A mass movement disaster occured at the Vaiont Dam in 1963, some of the details can be found below:


How does Mount Etna erupt?

This is a great resource for exploring the volcanism of Mount Etna, Siciliy.