How is rubber tapping done?

Natural rubber is commonly acquired from large plantations across Southeast Asia. This clip shows how it is done:


Who was Norman Borlaug?

Norman Borlaug, who died in 2009, was known as the father of the Green Revolution, a revolution in agricultural technology which enabled much higher crop yields in many parts of the developing world in the decades following World War II ( The revolution largely revolved around developing higher yielding strains of common crops such as rice and wheat and this is what Borlaug was a specialist in.

There is more about Norman Borlaug here:

His obituary can be found here: and here:

How is drought affecting the cattle farmers of Argentina?

Argentinian beef is world famous, but in 2009 a drought hit the indutry hard. Find out how farmers coped and what the future might bring for them:

Does climate change pose a threat to food security?

Many researchers are worried that presumed future climate change will affect growing conditions around the world to the extent that varieties currently grown will not be able to adapt and will not be able to feed our growing population; with dire consequences. They argue that we need to start developing drought resistant varieties now if we are to avert catastrophic food shortages:

How should the Common Agricultural Policy be altered?

The European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has long been criticised for a variety of economic and environmental reasons. It’s expensive subsidies are now under review, but what are the consequences of changing the policy?

What issues are affecting rural areas in the UK?

Here is a background to some of the issues facing rural areas in the UK:

What effect is the ongoing drought having on the lives of Australians who live in the Murray-Darling Basin?

Australia has been experiencing it’s worst drought in decades. What effect has it had on the people who live in the affected areas?

Some background to the probem can be found here:

Some of the effects can be found here:

In Spring 2009, there were even fears that if the drought continued, Adelaide, home to 1.1 million people, could suffer serious water shortages:

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority has been created to help manage the river and to try and balance the various challenges that it faces: