Why are people having their homes demolished on the coast near Scarborough?

Landslips have caused some homes to be evacuated and others to be demolished altogether. It’s very distressing for the occupants who have often used their life savings to retire by the sea:





Where can I find an overview of coastal landforms?

This is a great animated site for checking your knowledge of shore processes. You can also play with different types of coastal defence and see what they do:


Can sustainable coastal management be achieved? – The EUROSION Project

The EUROSION project is an EU initiative aimed at finding sustainable management solutions for coastal erosion:


Modern Coastal Management: how is the coast of Southeast England managed today?

This link will take you to a document outlining several recent coastal mamgement projects in southeast England:


How are Haloseres (salt marshes) formed?

A very good visual guide to the formation of salt marshes:


How is the Sussex coast managed?

Here is a useful introduction to some of the problems being tackled on the Sussex coastline.


Has managed retreat worked in Essex, UK?

Here is a great link to a story about a managed retreat project (where the sea is allowed to inundate the land) in Essex, UK:


Here’s how the Wallasea Island project has been implemented: