Is Dubai an “impossible place”?

Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has seen a massive boom in construction and investment since the 1990s. Many major projects have been built here, creating impressive landmarks, but there are some questions over whether Dubai is viable in the long term, as  there is limited oil money and much of the rest of the growth is funded by debt…..

The world’s tallest building is under construction in Dubai:

Update from 2007:

Update from 2009:

In June 2008 there were plans for a rotating skyscraper:

In November 2009, markets were rocked when Dubai revealed that it may not be able to service its debt:


Could sewage bring a sticky end to Dubai’s miracle expansion?

The city state of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, has experienced incredibly rapid growth in past decades. The infrastructure of Dubai, including the sewage system must also be improved to cope with the increased demand on these services, but will it happen in time?

How are migrant workers in the Arabian Gulf treated?

In 2008 there was criticism of working conditions for migrants in the Gulf states, but what is the nature of their grievances?

A bridge collapse in 2007 highlighted the dangers that construction workers can face:

A strike by construction workers in 2007 over poor pay and conditions was eventually settled:

Abu Dhabi commits to a sustainable future; but will it work?

Heavy investment in hydrogen power is one avenue being explored in the middle east:

Work starts on Abu Dhabi’s car-free, zero-carbon, zero-waste city, but will it work ?