Does climate change pose a threat to food security?

Many researchers are worried that presumed future climate change will affect growing conditions around the world to the extent that varieties currently grown will not be able to adapt and will not be able to feed our growing population; with dire consequences. They argue that we need to start developing drought resistant varieties now if we are to avert catastrophic food shortages:


Why are nations and companies buying large areas of land in other countries?

There have several recent instances of large corporations, investment groups and national funds buying up large areas of land in other countries, mostly LEDCs. The trend reflects growing concern over the issue of food security, with many companies and nations wanting to ensure that they have access to supplies of food in a globally warmed, more populated future world:

How should the Common Agricultural Policy be altered?

The European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has long been criticised for a variety of economic and environmental reasons. It’s expensive subsidies are now under review, but what are the consequences of changing the policy?

Will new irrigation schemes help solve Malawi’s food problems?

New schemes have been announced to use more of Malawi’s natural water supply for farming. This should allow the country to be more self-sufficient in terms of food, but what problems might this cause regionally?

Can the army help control Dengue Fever in Rio?

An outbreak of Dengue Fever has killed many people in Rio. Now the army has been drafted in to help control the disease:

Storm batters the UK – 10-03-08 – how well did we cope?

A storm has caused problems across the south of England:

You can track the storm by satellite here:

There are some images of the storm damage here:

Transport has been affected across the south of the country:

Parts of the southwest have lost their electricity supply: 

Can China feed it’s growing population?

China’s farmers are struggling to keep up with demand from China’s ever growing population. Find out more here: