What is the future for tourism in Antarctica?

Following some well publicised problems associated with tourism in Antarctica, in April 2009, the signatories to the Antarctic Treaty are proposing to limit tourist numbers:


What’s in the Antarctic Treaty?

You can view a copy of the original treaty here:


You can see the original treaty being signed here:


Can scientists uncover the Ghost Peaks of Antarctica?

The British Antarctic Survey is part of an international project to investigate the Gamburtsev Mountains, which lie buried under kilometres of ice. Will they be able to work out why the mountains are there?



The scientists finished their mapping in early 2009:


More details of what they found are here:


How is the White Continent under threat?

Some of the pressures faced by Antarctica are explained here:


Is the West Antarctic Ice Sheet becoming less stable?

Glaciologists working in Antarctica have discovered evidence which suggests that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is becoming less stable:


Are we making enough progress to fix Antarctica’s ozone hole?

Scientists have urged more action to tackle the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica:


Who looks after the heritage of Antarctica?

The United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust is part of a larger network of organisations working to protect historically important sites on Antarctica from damage by people and the harsh conditions.