What effect has drought had on people and the environment in Kenya?

Kenya’s ongoing drought is having a severe effect on the environment, causing a number of changes as lakes dry up and plants and trees suffer. The drought combines with other man made pressures on the ecosystems and has a knock on effect on the people who rely on those environments to sustain them:




There are concerns that problems caused by the drought may ignite tribal violence:


One of the main ecosystems under threat is the Mau Forest. This report from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) explains some of the treats facing the Mau forest; a list to which drought can be added:


Kenya Forests works to find a sustainable future for Kenya’s forest resources:


What is life like in Kibera, Kenya?

Kibera is one of the world’s biggest slums. This home video shows on child’s journey to school:


How has the political crisis in Kenya affected the tourism industry?

This article shows some of the effects that the political crisis in 2007-8 has had on tourism: