Is uneven development in China causing resentment?

The story of China’s growth and change over recent decades is powerful evidence of how industrial development and Globalisation can combine to create rapid change. However, far from everyone in China is feeling the benefit of the changes that have happened and continue to happen. This article reveals how millions of rural Chinese people feel left behind.




What social problems are associated with mining developments in LEDCs?

Mining is often a useful way for LEDCs to gain finanancially from their natural resources. However, large global mining companies and governments in developing countries often do not enforce the same planning, social and environmental standards as they would in MEDCs. Here are a couple of examples of the allegations that have been made:

A Canadian mining firm operating in Guatemala:

A British firm operating in Peru:

Coca-Cola in Venice – How does the spread of big brands indicate globalisation?

Many iconic places try to reject big global brands, as a way of preserving their status and heritage. The introduction of 60 Coca-Cola vending machines to Venice has caused an inevitable row, but is the spread of global brands inevitable?

Will “The Box” tell us more about the nature of Globalisation and trade today?

The BBC is following a shipping container around the world. It’s been sprayed with the BBC’s colours and will be tracked as it makes its way from port to port. Shipping containers revolutionised the way that goods are transported around the world and the nature of the ships and docks which handled them, including their surrounding communities. You can track the BBC Box here:

You can read about the history of the humble shipping container here:

How is China Changing?

Recent events have shown that China is changing quickly, possibly faster than anywhere else on the planet. But what is happening and what is going to happen next?

As is the case across most of the world, life expectancy is increasing in China; but what will the consequences be?

How is society in India changing?

Indian society has traditionally been arranged according to the Hindu caste system, which allocates people to different classes at birth. movement between castes is incredibly hard and many people are discriminated against because of their caste. More recently, people have been challenging this system, resulting in big changes in the way Indians see themselves and each other:

Some stories deomnstrate that the caste system is still a major factor in controlling the lives of Indian people:

What happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989?

You can find an outline of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 here:

and a timeline here:

Here is one news report of the events:

Here is some footage of the famous “Tank Man”, who single-handedly stopped a column of tanks:

How did the Chinese media cover the protests?