Where can I study Geography at university?

Geography is a popular subject to study at university level. Courses prepare their graduates for a wide range of careers and equip them with an array of skills and knowledge, which can be applied to the world around them.

There are many good universities that you can study at in the UK, but how do you decide?

There are many questions you need to answer, including:

  • What sort of university do I want to go to (i.e. urban, campus)?
  • Do I want to qualify with a BA or a BSc?
  • Do I want to combine Geography with another subject?
  • How long to I want to study for?
  • What are the fieldwork options?
  • How will I be taught?
  • What are the opportunities for getting involved in research?
  • Can I study abroad?

Not all these questions will matter to you as much as some of the others. Make sure the course you opt for is the one that meets your needs.

In answering these questions, you should consult with your family and teachers and don’t be afraid to get in touch with universities to clarify any points you’re not sure of.

The Royal Geographical Society has a great website that helps you through the steps: http://www.rgs.org/OurWork/Research+and+Higher+Education/Study+Geography/Study+Geography.htm


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