Beijing Olympics 2008 – What will the legacy be?

The official games website is here: 

There are many issues surrounding the Beijing games, including whether the games should be held in China at all, given it’s human rights record:

Amnesty International has a number of concerns which are addressed here:

Steven Spielberg has pulled out from his role as artistic adviser to the games in protest at China’s perceived role in the Darfur crisis in Sudan:

The head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has urged athletes not to boycott the games over human rights abuses in the occupied region of Tibet:

Human rights activists attempted to disrupt a ceremony which marks the beginning of journey of the Olympic flame from Greece to Beijing. They were protesting at the presence of China in Tibet and the recent violent suppression of protests there:

Beijing’s air is heavily polluted, but will it choke the 2008 Olympics?

The Chinese authorities are working hard to try to clean up the air pollution problems of Beijing in time for the 2008 games:

A new airport terminal has been built in order to accommodate the influx of people expected for the games:

Here are some views from Chinese people about the legacy of the games:


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